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We will reliably care for your pet as if it were our own

Why Princess Gentle Paws Pet Sitting and Care?

Princess Gentle Paws Pet Sitting and Care has been a dream of Gail Wunderlin’s for several years. She is passionate about delighting our four… and two-legged clients. You can work or travel with total peace of mind, knowing that your pets are in loving hands. You are assured that Gail will be visiting your pet each day. From a practical standpoint, in-home companion care is the best alternative for your pet:

Puppy Up!

Have a new addition to the pack? We know pups, and will get them started on the right paw!

Reduced Stress

Your pet remains in the security and comfort of his/her familiar surroundings.

Well Being

Your pet will not be exposed to illnesses from other animals, or to the stresses that can occur from boarding. Your pet’s customary diet and exercise/play routines are followed, with no interruption to upset your furry friend!

Continuity for Older Animals

As animals enter their golden years or home hospice, continuity in surroundings is key. Gail has extensive experience with pets in “end of life” or critical healthcare situations and can provide or contract specialized care.